our story

We feel truly blessed that you found our company and are interested in our products and hopefully our mission.  So, thank you! 

The story goes like this...

In college three dear friends of mine, along with myself, decided to give ourselves a permanent, everyday reminder to share the gospel with all those whom God might put in our path.  Romans 10:15 was the verse that touched our hearts...so, we got that permanent reminder in the form of a tattoo on our right foot. Since that time, this tattoo has been something that I wanted to make really truly mean what we set out for it to mean.

Now, as a stay at home mama, I found it difficult to devote a lot of time to anything besides what all that title itself entails!  For years I had a strong desire to build a brand of products that make people feel good, but more importantly, that open doors to share the Word of God with anyone and everyone willing to listen....RomansRoad™ was born.  The name itself made me feel as though I was on the right track to putting the meaning of our tattoo into action.  Roman's Road to salvation is the use of scriptures, from the book of Romans alone, to teach God's path of salvation through Christ Jesus.  If this company accomplishes nothing else, I will be extremely satisfied with trying my best in planting seeds for God throughout the world.  

When my family began the use of therapeutic grade essential oils, I felt God had given us such a blessing, the use of the plants that He himself put on this earth for our benefit.  I wanted to share this blessing with everyone! Being able to integrate these oils, along with a personalized, meaningful necklace is where I decided to begin the RomansRoad brand.  I am prayerful that along with making women feel beautiful, a RomansRoad necklace will also help to spread the good news...We all have access to the gift of eternal salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ! The right foot charm on each necklace and bracelet is there to be your own personal reminder to share the good news, just as Romans 10:15 is on our right foot...

And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?  As it is written: "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!" Romans 10:15 


 (Love you ladies...Ashley Pyle, Bryanna Goodman and Crystal Metcalf)

God is so good...A beautiful partnership is already in the works!  RomansRoad is partnering with Haiti Mama to employ mamas in Haiti that are in desperate need of a trade, a way to help sustain their families.  It is my prayer that not only will RomansRoad provide this trade, but more importantly spread God's word to them and those they come in contact with. The wonderful thing is that our name alone offers an open door for conversation about God's plan of salvation.  This is the first of, what we are hoping, to be a long life of partnering with God's foot soldiers, the mission workers dedicating their lives to the Lord's work. 

God has allowed this name, RomansRoad, (God's path of salvation), this product (use of His healing oils) and this time (Haiti Mama in need of a product to make and a company to partner with) to fall perfectly into His timing.  I am extremely thankful and feel blessed to be the vessel He has chosen for this outreach.  Thank you for your support and prayers.  May God bless you.  

Chelsea Randolph